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Unfortunately I lost track of witch game this is but this kind of freak luck situations are quite frequent in Paintball. I have now found the article and adjustments follows below. Art Chaos VS. Dynasty PSP 2014, 46:13 min

Gameplay commentary

At break Dynasty is shot out and caught a penalty. 4 left. Sergey gets two more. Only two one left. Watching the replay there is no telling where the opponents are.
He can not be sure the snake player hasn’t got wider. He can assume by the intel shouted out that the snake player is suppressed tight. As Sergey knows there is only two left their best option is to spread wide. As he has studied the layout in advance he knows when the opponent plays tight the second player is either behind the first can or the next close to the A. He clears the closest can, continues and capitalises the momentum, turns to the one engaged on D side, flanks him and knows the last one is behind the other bunker facing snake side. He does not see him from the D side. From this picture it would have been wiser to do straight thru the middle and flank the last player.
But as you are making decisions rapidly you can not always get everything right. He knows his teammates can finish the point if he trades. So he attempts halfhearted to avoid eventual lane towards snake side and catches the last player having problems. As last Dynasty player struggles Sergey is able to take out the last opponent.

Is this a freak luck or level of skill!?

Is this skill or luck?!? I say it is practice. The more you practice the more you are able to do things right. If you are out of practice you have not experienced enough situations to make right choices in a split second.

In my mind sometimes you can do everything right and still go down, other times you might do everything wrong and catch the opponent of guard. In this situation you had a bit of luck as well as a whole lot of experience.

So what can you do to become  legend as this hero?

For starters do everything right. But when managing risks you have to be faster processing opportunities than your opponent. During the time he is doing battle on one side you have a window of opportunity to seize on the other side before he realises that side is unprotected.

Paintball TIC TACS (Tips and tricks)

  1.  Never stay passive always play proactive … but do not forget to stay alive at the same time.
  2.  If you stay put at the same spot for too long you give the opponent opportunity to flank you as he approaches from better cover.
    • If you have superior cover you may attempt to blufF with inactivity as if you have relocated.
    • At inferior cover you can do the same, but you must know your opponents probable reactions if you want to succeed with these moves.
    • Normally when passing any bunker one will clear it as advancing. If you are not prepared to counter clearing moves you should not attempt to bluf.
  3. As mentioned when advancing clear each and every bunker as you move up. If you have clear body count and know opponents whereabouts then you can utilise the shade and skip clearing unnecessary bunkers.
  4. If you are defending and your location is known utilise shade to relocate and catch attacker of guard.

Own legendary moove failed

This a legendary moove one as a noob can not make. I’ve got lucky with three players. I have practiced this on many occasions and got lit up. But just keep doing it and in in time it will settle in my back bone when to move and when to stop.
I did one thing right but many other things wrong.
Due to poor accuracy I only got one player out and while focusing on fast movement so I lost track of keeping the barrel in a straight line.
As I alerted the other players of my move they could turn on me and take me out from the game.
I should have relied my feet to do the running work withougt thinking of it and solely focus on aiming instead.
Why did I get lucky? Some layouts needs certain directions to be locked of why they migh have worked that way. But as I go to collect the wall guy, the situation worked for my favour wich I managed to waist. I only exchanged bodies and momentarily stir their lanes away from their intended tasks. Teammates should read this and utilise the window as I am getting lit by three barrels.
I am impatient and could have retracted back behind the wall. Far to often I go all in and rush for it. I should bait the opponents instead. find better cover and surprise them as they relocate.

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