PB: Mechanical vs. Electronic

I have covered the two camps of paintball, mechanical side and the electronic side. These two types of markers uses different paint. Mechanical hard shell to be squeezed thru a marker that can endure the test of time. Some mag fed users need durable skin so it wont brake in the magazine. The other camp uses brittle paint that marks very well, suited for delicate electronic markers. The marker is able to be fine tuned to handle the most brittle of paint. This fine tuning is not possible in mec markers even though they might cope with some tournament paint as well.

I attempt to find common values as well as dividing ones that separates these different paint from each other. I have initially made some analysis of what values a paint needs to be graded with.

I will classify mechanical and rental users in the same category despite rentals mostly play ”once a lifetime” and mec players more regularly. In the end the markers are the same.

Common values:

  • Roundness: so it will fly straight and les affected by the elements by ball deformities.
  • Durability: How it copes different climate variables. Fresh, stored, and seasoned. These factors define the paints ability stay in shape over time.

Dividing values:

  • Breaking of ball: A onetime player calls him self out even if it bounces. A tournament player will stay in game until the ball actually brakes. This is why I want to get tournament players out in any game format.
  • Ability to mark: Some paint may break but contains ”invisible” residue. Rental paint has no color so it will be easier for customers to stay clean in the locker room. Some rental paint is also easier on washing machines and textiles. Visible paint electronic often has some kind of acid which will leave mark on fabrics even after washing.
  • Viscosity: Some are watery and clear, there are thick and colourful and there are also waxy/powdery consistence of paint. Mec may use clear, rentals powder and electro paint thick fill.

Non gradable values:

  • Acidity: rental owners favour paint that does not discolour fabrics. I as tournament player value it as well. But to grade a stain from another is depending on som many variables it is not possible to be graded. Splatter has smaller acidity than slightly tilted splatter covering a wider field with more etching paint on the area.

Electronic paint is able to gain more values than rental paint, thus they can not be compared against each other. You should use paint according to the tool you are using. I however will regard any paint from an e-players point of view as long as I am an active player, not from a rental field owners perspective.

Do give comments if you figure out equally important values on how to value and differentiate paint quality, I’d behappy do ad good values here.

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