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It looks good, it is surprisingly big as to cover my face. However I can’t open my mouth without exposing my chin.

Breathability: It is close to the face but the ching gap opening is good to vent out some air. The vent holes are surprisingly efficient despite being so few. You will taste your own lungs in the mask.

Fome is basic but comfortable enough. Foam can’t be quick rip preplaced. I don’t have the patience to put the foam to dry every time I wash the paint of the mask. I prefer a quick rip of foam as in VIOs or Dye I5.

The gold lence is very similar to the silver shade lense but with smigine different nyance from the inside. The exterior look is the only major difference.

Ear protection is equally good if not even better than on VIO’s. It sticks tight to the ear but not uncomfortably so. The soft earpiece is so much better than hard earpieces. the softness reduces the energy of the ball as a hard earpiece transfers the energy straight thru and whips you silly.

The earpiece does not noticeably reduce the hearing in the mask. I5 is supposed to be even better on this part.

Speaking is also surprisingly good, one can not, at close range, hear difference between mask on and mask off. At greater distances the difference will be more noticeable.

Despite tournament players are dissing the visors, I am not. I4 doesn’t come with a visor and you will always be blinded by the sun shining down between the vents on your forehead. Team Insanity recommends to use hockey tape on the internal noseconepart in order to avoid sun reflection inside the mask. Some tape shut the vent holes but I recommend any visor that fits.

The quick change lens system is the best I’ve yet encountered. It fixes the lense backwards and the straps hook locks it down. When opened the ”hook” is pushed away and the lense popped out. Even if you change lenses only once a year it is still good to be able to clean the cavities from paint throughout the season by removing the lense.

Dye i4 is not customizable other than dipping or painting. The frame is one piece cast and feels cheap due to it. However its good looks compensates for much and validates a better margin of profit for DYE.


Despite this mask is low end stripped from current innovations it still is far out the best mask I’ve yet used.

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