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Soft gear

Despite the zipper broke on my PE pants I have used them with a belt. I can’t find excuses to purchase new ones if the zipper is of same quality. I was thinking of purchasing carbon SC pants since they was so slim and ”water resistant” / (not paint resistant). That would have required for me to use knee pads, I don’t do knee pads. But the Carbons protective bottom was great as the build in ”knee pads” ad to my existing padding to PE pants padding.

The shirt got an update as a birthday present. Its all ok but the paint has stained it immediately.

I wanted to try the Virtue Vio XS bounce effect this year as the contour had very small air volume under the mouthpiece. The venting improved drastically. I got some painful shing shots but I don’t care much of them. Hard piece or soft piece at point blank? The hard piece will discolour mesh pattern on your face and hurt less, as the XS mouthpiece flexes in and hurts a bit more but does not leave any mark. The visir is a necessity on a sunny field. For the quickchange lense system, you must have an additional metal rod or something when opening the release snap!

One necessity you must have are Two towels in your pocket. This year I used several small towels and if you got a lot of them that is fine since one small towel gets full of paint after just one wipe.

As bounce shirt I have used JT:s soft padded shirt. I am still in search for a sleeveless bounce shirt since Proto bouncevests are discontinued.

Slys soft elbow pads has proven to be extremely useful at scenario game when crawling half the day amongst the roots. They are still holding strong but I want to find replacements equally good if these someday do brake down-.

The gloves needs to be replaced with full finger gloves. The fingerless are so tight it takes enormous force to get them of and they break from this abuse. Full finger gloves do not need to be padded, plain gardening gloves are sufficient enough as long as they have anti slip grip on. The paint makes the marker handle difficult to keep in your grip if you don’t have anti slip gloves.

For bulk I used a cheap mollebelt with Vulcan 2+3 pod holders. This was a bit clumsy as the pods was flapping around on my back but atleast the pods was easier to work with. For nest year I will trie a Carbon harnes.

I used Goldhammer paintball cleats this year, a bit vanity purchase but atleast I’am not slipping and sliding as with regular jogging sneakers. Soccer cleats might be even cheaper.

As bag I use a 25 year old broken shoulder bag. Could be upgraded at some time.

The pod cooler is an absolute must in my book. The cooler keeps your paint tempered longer.


Geo3 has proven to do its job but I do no longer chase after 3.5 since some say the macrotube can feel a bit annoying. I got the IV-core bolt, so mye GEO3 should be equivalent to CS1. I will however purchase a GTEK 160R as soon as I get the opportunity for it. If it can operate with frozen peanut butter on the bolt I will use it as go to wintermarker. I tried the CS1 in my hands but it felt too big and clumsy in my hands, that is why I prefer the smaller markers as the discontinued GEO:s.

This year I tried the spire3, the android software is difficult to use and very laggy. I do like the new features of replaceable speedfeed fins and quick change rain lid. I haven’t found much benefits of the hinge system. The hinge can actually be of annoyance when getting shot in the loader and cleaning the mess. Two separate pieces are easier than one piece with tight angles.

No upgrade on tank nor barrel cover side this year.



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