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Here are the original articles describing rize glory and fall of Rome,( #1, #2 & #3).

GunzUp!_5998e03591006d70f110c377_150313491294#1 As Alexander the great focuses on the eastern front Rome establishes itself at west. You can battle only one flank at a time. Alexander was a mastermind in dictating the rules of engagement, as example the gaugamellan fight, (bait to the left but hit from the right). Rome was not late to adopt this warfare. As Alexander died Greek arms development had stagnated giving the edge of mobility for Roman cavalry, battle of Corinth. The Roman forces locked Greek forces in one place and since they was so slow to adapt to situations they got flanked from the rear. This can be adopted as well in Paintball. Lock down opponents and have your teammates to flank them.

#2 At next article we can witness how Cesar threw himself ”all in”, and lead his troops with own example, in the front line. He could have been compromised at any time but the Roman drills and discipline prevailed. Similarly you need to practice your paintball skills. It doesn’t matter if you purchase a dynasty dragon marker, you will not shoot as Oliver Lang without doing as much drills as he has done. Also the communication skills is necessary to utilise. At Actium the inexperienced Cleopatra committed to the plan and crushed the middle field but did not keep calm and rushed all the way leaving the flanks to fend for themselves.

#3 In the last article we can see how Belisarius rather than dig in and hold his ground charged outside the defences and outmaneuvered the opponent. Nor is paintball won by defence, one must be proactive. Despite Belisarius was holding a siege in Rome he still exhausted opponents resources with constant exploration and raiding camps. As the Goth redrow he hit them hard and decisively. At Yamuk we can winthes how the troops lost cohesion or momentum and got baited out to far away from the main troops and thus slaughtered from the flanks, so also in paintball. Lure a small portion of opponents far away and sack them. This can be seen also in tournament play when someone running the highway picks of a kay player and seizes the opportunity and catches most of the opposing team of guard.

Winner is the one who makes less mistakes and adopts to split second faster than the opponent.

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