Tippman vs Azodin evaluation

Tippmann vs AzodinEvaluation

The previous article comparing Tippmann vs Azodin has got some interest why I attempt to clarify the differences in an easier way in this table, comparing the two brands against each other.

Comparing Table:

Azodin Tippmann


14″ *

2 piece barrel with fair porting *

.689 bored *

AC threaded **

Clamping feedneck  ***

On-off ASA***

Prize category  (3)

11 stars


one piece barrel with fair porting

.69? bored

AC threaded **

Apex *

No need of clamping feedneck, embedded hopper *

Picatiny rail *

Different firing modes *

No on-off ASA

Prize category (1)

6 stars






14″ *

2 piece barrel with much porting *

.689 bored *

AC threadded **

Clamping feedneck ***

On-off ASA ***

Low operating pressure *

Light weight mec trigger *

Prize category (3)

13 stars


1 piece barrel wit some porting

.69? bored

AC threadded **

No clamping feedneck

Different fireing modes *

No on-off ASA

Prize category (3)

3 Stars




Kaos 2




1 piece barrel with some porting

.689 bored *

AC threadded **

Allen wrench operated feedneck *

No on-off ASA

Prize category (6)

4 Stars

8″ / (custom pro 11″)

one piece barrel some porting

.691 bored

98 treadded

Upgradability **

Picatiny rail *

Prize category (5)

3 stars




Blitz 3




one piece barrel with some porting

.689 bored *

AC threaded **

Allen wrench operated feedneck*

No on-off ASA

Light weight*

Prize category (5)

5 Stars


one piece barrel with some porting

.69? bired

A5 treadded*


No on-of ASA

Picatiny rail *

Prize category (6)

2 Stars




KP3 – Pump


KPC – Pump


14″ *

fair ported 2 piece barrel *

.685 & .681 bored **

AC threadded **

Clamping feedneck ***

On/of ASA ***

Low operating preassure*

Prize category (2)

13 Stars

14″ *

1 piece barrel fair ported

.685 bored

AC trheadded **

Allen wrench operated feedneck *

No on-off ASA

Prize category (4)

4 Stars


Highly ported one piece barrel

.69? bored

98 treadded

clamping feedneck

Magazine breach *

On/of ASA

Picatiny rail *

Prize category (4)

2 Stars


Mag fed/ (Hopper)


The more values (*) you get for the prize the better (High value gives better value for the spent money). The table will be updated as I come to learn bore sizes etc.



  • Evo2 – 11:3
  • KD II – 13:3
  • Kaos 2 – 4:6
  • Blitz3 – 5:5
  • KP3 – 13:2
  • KPC – 4:4


  • AR1 6:1
  • XR1 3:3
  • 98 3:5
  • Cronus 2:6
  • TMC 2:4

I divided the prizing category in fever dividers (1-6) so it would be easier to compare markers in the same price range against each other. The greater value you have the better prise the marker has. [Stars : prizing category]

KD II and KP3 gets the most stars but KD II is a bit cheaper. However the game style is very different why one has to consider if you are noob or advanced player when comparing these prizes. Kaos 2 gives the best prize but has less values why the Blitz 3 could be a better deal wit less need for aftermarket uppgrades but wit marginally higher prize.

On the Tippmann camp you have the AR1 as their best marker but also as the most expensive one. Cronus is the best prized but gives few added values for the money spent.

TMC is the anomality that is difficult to evaluate against its siblings. However it can be compared against Azoding pumps as the play style is in somewat similar. This table is evaluated by least common divider in paintball why TMC and KPC prized the same favour KPC instead. If you are niched player your values to pay for milsim features migh be of greater importance.

I can not recoment a noob to beguin with a marker with a small user base. The niched markers need to be valued completely separately according to the advanced players specific needs.

The niched markers are in this comparison for a reason! Their price point makes them attractive for noobs who not necessarily knows what they are getting in to. If you are going to spend money in paintball gear only once in a lifetime, let the decision be a educated one. It is better for the sport to have you back with positive experience rather than lose you on the ”last mistake” purchase.


For a onetime noob I recomend the Blits 3. You loose the least amount of money if you never play again or sell this forward as used.

But it you have used loaners and played rental from time to time and want to save money on rental gear KD II could be your best choice.

If you are looking for the competitive edge with electronic Evo 2 might tell you that you want to play more actively and are willing to learn how markers operate and service them on a regular basis. Do choose this one if you do not plan to play more than a few times a year.

If you want to play once a month you should consider electronic markers for professional use and for this there are completely new set of values to be considered.

  • If your budget is 200 and under consider markers valued in this article.
  • If your budget is 400 look for used pro markers.
  • If your budget is 600 new mid level markers will do fine.
  • If your budget is higher you are wasting your money.

General tumb of rule:

It is better to save and purchase a complete system in one go rather than overspend on upgrades later on

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