Gteck 160R

Gteck 160R – 803g (+183g, stock barrel)

As the first Gteck came out to the market I was thrilled to be able to purchase a quick strip lock bolt for an affordable price. However my teammate suggested me to have a boarded marker for tournament play instead. That year I got a used GEO3.

When the 160R came out my problems was solved. However I was using a GEO now and it suited my purposes quite fine and at that time I had no means to finance any new markers.

This year I was able to acquire a long sought for Gteck wit a board.IMG_0647

First impression

It felt a little big bigger than my geo3 but when I actually felt it and fondled with it, it was actually small enough for me to enjoy. At first I was immediately searching for the quick release bolt snap and didn’t find instructions in the manual but then I started to fiddle with it and the ergonomics told me to pop the lid up and then rip it out the bolt ”train”. You need to have quite big assembly tolerances to fit the bolt-train on and of to the marker so I was surprised how it lacked self guiding elements to fit it in place. I had to visually verify that it was aligned and then press the cap back into locked position.

The HDE pattern wasn’t mind blowing but enough to keep me satisfied the anodizing of it got out of focus at deeper grooves.

A bit annoying can be, there is no tension spring on the clamping feedneck. When there is no loader mounted and tightened the feedneck rattles around. It is possible to shake of the feedneck screw and lever without realising it.

The board operates quite like the first Etha, but with a display. I will no longer go back on markers without a display, since it is so much easier to read what programming mode you are in. Compared to Geo3 this Gteck board is downgraded. This means there are no toggle buttons up and down. Your tigger operates as menu togler in one direction only. You have to very patient/slowly verify each mode so you won’t haste thru you intended setting, otherwise you are scrolling around and around until getting the right parameter to set up.IMG_0648

The Gteck on-of ASA is a bit better than Geo pops asa. I have a ninja reg with ball ”piston”. With the pops I always had to air the gun up on the pops and then screw the tank on inorder to  air up the system. If doing it correctly, there was no amount of force able to push the pops open since on Geo3. There is almost no surface to push the pops much thanks to the macroline interfering with available space. In that sense Geo 3.1 is great improvement. However Gteck asa is a bit small and the grip grooves faint, still you was able to air the system much easier than a Geo3.

Depending how you hold your thumb, the macro tube will or will not be a problem. If you place the tumb above your barrel as i do, you are good to go. If you must put the thumb behind the regulator you need to rethink your play style. The tube pushes your palm away. You gould get a grip a bit lower but your gun balance could suffer and aiming be a bit wobbly when running and gunning. However for most players you are able to work with the tube. The maintenance of the tube is possible and seems to be more secure than a constantly leaking macroline.

The grips have nice laser etched texture. Without paint on, they are sticking to my hands really good. I’ve not yet tested to play with a painted grip why I can not verify if it still sticks as firmly in my gripp.

The barrel seems to be very big, yet it actually is quite thin. I guess the porting will reduce the sound signature.

Long term reflections

The board settings are quite neat. On goe you have to press two times to turn if off. This one you could be assured you pressed only once and it turned of. No need of visually verifying whether or not you have activated the off function or not, all you need is your tactile senses on your fingers and you know it will turn off.

My overall conclusion

Etha 2 is all great but with no display as is the regular Gteck. This trigger toggle menu system is possible to operate with even though I would prefer the Dye joystick instead. The lubing on gamma core will take way longer time than Geo3 bolt. However, as The Madman described, this bolt continues to provide despite being tainted with peanut butter inside.

Geo3 board shortens the operation time toggling the menu system but on the other hand Dye joystick menu optimises this even further. Why this is important? It is to troubleshoot quickly in between games on a tournament. So I say this is good as woodsball marker. Of course, if willing viable on tournament as well. I am willing.

  • Want factor(1-5): – It has good prizing for sufficient tecnology built in
  • Need factor (1-5): – You can tourny with better and used gear for less money, however this has enough elements to be able to compete on professional level.
  • Innovation value (1-5): – Gamma core was introduced in regular Gteck why the innovationvalue in this itteration is a bit older. The afoardable qick lock bolt ads also innovation value chalenging competitors to follow. The macro tube does not ad any innovation value since PE is onlyone still clinging on old macroline tecnology.

There are Tippmann 98 religious fans but for me this is the bare minimum I would need on a paintball marker

Advanced experiences

More test shooting and comments is coming as I get to make acquaintance wit this marker even further.


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