European Paintball Federation 2018 LAYOUTS


European Paintball Federation 2018 LAYOUTS samples

Theese are merely own first impressions of the layouts. One truly has to walk the fields in order to determine werther or not a sweet gap is still precent in one place as it was at practice field.


D-side seems to be a lot stronger than the snake side. You have solid cover all the way up to D-corner. The corner can overwatch the tapeline but in 1 on 1 situations it is easy to sneak up on you on the field side. In any other case a teammate will protect you unless making the mistake to fight to at the wrong side that is. On the snake side a runner is able to reach the corner but delayed you will catch some serious opponent lanes. If going to the snake of the brake you must do a brief landing by the miniwing before taking the next move.

The center is quite dynamic flipping opportunities to either side.


On this layout you can not run to the 50 from break off. The big covers are all placed back prolonging the games. Small bunkers at 50 are more difficult to dominate. D-side miniwing seems to be the serious nexus for pushing up. To get to the snake is fairly easy

Passing the 50 requires a lot of skill and timing to push beyond it.


D side is clearly stronger but the corners are weak and difficult to operate upfield, crosfield play is promoted. The snake side is possible even though a bit challenging. Also here the corner is a bit challenging to reach. But well by the snake you will survive behind the large cover. If you catch the opponent of guard you may push beyond the 50 gap in snake. The 50 bunkers offer quite interesting run thru highways.


D side is well protected but a runner must be lucky to survive up to snake corner. The one who gets to the snake has his vantage leverage but most of the game will be very dynamic from D side to center field.


This layout gives three separate routes up field. It is fairly possible to spread wide. Snake offers good base to hold the ground. D side gives the most to work with as you easily get trapped elsewhere. Snake is also good area to work from.

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