PB mid range marker

mid range

Mid range markers are on a twilight segment. They are not affordable for the technological level built in. Entry level markers can offer the same amount of qualities as high end markers (ex. Etha2/Emek) but are much cheaper to produce. Mid range markers have more built in features when it comes to on-off asa, diplay to the board, clamping feednecks, quick snap of bolt cleaning etc.

Mid range market has lately come to see a new dawn thru:

  • Gtek 160R – Tournament ready marker wit slightly downgraded board, asa and barrel compared against high end markers.
  • Axe Pro/(Axe 2) – Nowadays entry level marker has been used on tournament level
  • DSR – Tournament able marker I yet don’t know much about
  • Shocker RSX – Able to tourney but glorified Ion, main benefit is the freak back.


Before Schocker and Axe dominated mid level markers. But then Gtek 160R came to challenge Shocker who reinvented the gun with a XL freak barrel as to to stay in game. Now Dye/Proto has exit the entry level market wit their Rize only to set a new standard into mid level markers with their, all you can find on a tourney gun, DSR. Axe Pro is quite an old platform as Axe 2 renewed their entry level market. I guess they will soon release Axe Pro 2 as an attempt to come back into the mid range market.


All of these are able to perform at tournament level but few professionals are considering them as their first choices anymore, thus they are prized as midrange markers. If you are noob to the sport and can’t afford pro level markers you wont go missing out on anything aquiring these mid range markers. You don’t have to upgrade anything as you would on entry level markers. If you can’t afford mid range markers Etha2 is still the most value you can get for the money, but it will not be as tourney ready as regular mid level markers. If you won’t play on tournament fields Emeck is the way to go, you don’t have to tweek board settings.

If considering to get value for your money consider this, a 200 buck washing machine/100 buck cell phone incorporates way more technology in their circuits than any paintball marker.

If you get a sponsorship or the marker as used for an affordable prize, then these mid range markers are giving return for your investment. As new and for full prize, these are in my mind overpriced.

Even if a marker could be fantastic on paper you still need to test fire one before deciding to purchase one. 

I purchased a Tippmann Crossover XVR as it had so much upgrades built in as stock. Yet the first version of Etha beat the XVR, mainly due to the tight bore (.689). For example you could get a Azodin EVO 2 for dirt cheap and it’s got all high end features built in, yet it is worth to pay more money to get an MINI GS without the same level of upgrades.

Do you want to pay for a smooth shooter or built in features!

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