Empire Trracer the best ever paintball marker

EmpireTrRACERThere has been many numerous iterations and variants of the first Nelspots and one must ask oneself the question whether or not Empire Trracer is the best paintball marker there has ever been?

Despite Empire Trracer is quite old school kind of marker (discontinued production) it is yet modern enough to have adopted necessary features to remain as the absolute best of the best of paintball markers.

The winning features:

  • It is lightweight (not the lightest but enough so)
  • It utilises HPA thru the butstock. (no need of unnecessary folding stocks)
    • Some want a drop down rail wit ASA on this to get the shoulder support lower.
  • Has full auto trigger (pump auto not to be mixed with electronic auto speeds, 40-60 bps (note! few hoppers can supply balls this fast)
  • Rails (possible to mount action cameras easier)
  • Autococker threaded barrel (largest diversity of different barrel styles)
  • Despite it is bored .684 as stock the detent makes it able to manage inconsistent ball variations.
  • No need of bulky magazines or large hoppers, 50 round hopper saves some target area unless you convert into stockclas tube feed to save even more target area. The 10 tubes conserve carry on weight and space compared to pods or magazines.

There are however different niched markers that outperforms this one. PE has most shots per tank fill. Dye has their best paintball barrels, etc.

Many markers may be the best in some field but none overall as good as Empire Trracer.

Empire Trracer has its flaws as well:

It could be even more slimmed down without picatinny rails and the bolts could be as efficient as modern markers. If wanting max mechanical speed then a bigger variant of Empire Sniper could be autococker to do so. But you compromise in size to gain firepower.

In conclusion Empire Trracer is the best optimised compromise of all necessary features needed in cross functional paintball marker.

  • Want factor(1-5): – It has good prizing for sufficient tecnology built in
  • Need factor (1-5): – for a tournament player it is not sufficient but yet a good way to handicap yourself when playing scenario with ”one timers”/walkon players.
  • Innovation value (1-5): 3 – This isn’t the most modern marker anymore but as mentioned incorporates a lot of saugt for features in it. No macroline lightweight etc.

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