Paintball guide for dummies


These thoughts can be used as an simple guide for dummies how to play the art of paintball.

Three ways to play:

  1. To lock down opponent, you have freedom of movement, you rob opponent’s momentum and reduce their available time to operate. You have the element of surprise and can achieve big impact with small resources.
  2. Being locked down by opponent, your freedom of movement is constantly diminishing. Your time is running out and you need to stall and gain as much time as possible. As you are depleting your flanks you must push harder to achieve survival.
  3. Flanking the opponent. Time is of crucial importance the more time you catch the greater contribution you give to your main forces. You have the element of surprise and can halt opponent’s momentum by annihilate their entire lines. Your main task is to keep staying alive and relinquish your own troops back into the game.

The faster you identify in which situations you find yourself the better you are equipped to act correctly.

Locking down

In these situations you have all the cards in your hand.

Preserve stealth unless there are benefits to gain from exposure, as example seriously decimating oponents in an abush when their forces are in the open.

When stealth is uncloaked te reason should be to purchase time for your flanking unit to get greater angles on opponent

Third cause to lock down opponent could be a fake retreat. Relocate in stealth and bait them in a trap. The longer you can disorient your aggressors the better chances you have to prevail. Even if you are out of paint you can with your presence and widts stall a large troop from achieving easy ground.

Locked down

Now you don’t have the cards in your hand and need to rebuild your deck as fast as possible, collect correct intel make and order out of chaos.

2-1: If you are locked down you need to unlock the situation. Your flanker needs to communicate whether or not this is a trap so you are able to push/retreat if needed.

1-1: In one on one situation you need to snapshoot under/over the opponents lane and paint him in. Or you could find a gap in between his shots to snap him out. Utilise this gap to gain leverage. Lock him down with your lane or advance into another position so he doesn’t know where you are and you have increased your own chances to flank him.

1-2: If you are in a crossfire paint of one side from you and prevent the other one from pushing up to flank you. Hold of as long as possible. If you are methodical and calm you just might turn the momentum to your own advantage instead.

The greatest skill in paintball is to survive a lock down situation and dominate.


Flanker greatest skill is stealth and feeding false intel, spreading disorientation amongst opponents.

  1. Before you engage your flanking moove have a spearhead recon and spring potential traps in advance.
  2. If ambushed you need to unlock the situation according to above mentioned methods. As you are the flanker. Your fight is not head on.
    • You can stall and retreat in an attempt to cut the edge of opponent’s momentum.
    • Or you can trap them on advantageous ground and liquidate their momentum.
    • The last resort is to fall back and hold your main forces flank from being overrun.
    • In eac case you need to send a runner wit proper intel to your main force.
  3.  If confident of having the advantage create a simple plan of engagement how to maximise opponents disorientation.


Best Case Even Odds Worst Case
Flank Maximise effect and stay committed Do not fight!

Faket retreat, retreat to advantageous ground, stay alive

Survive and transfer information



Stealth Maximise effect/angles Fake retreat
Locked Acquire assistance Technical superiority Pick your battles

retreat and survive

You might begin to master some aspect, and you should utilise your strengths to your best ability. This includes deception, if your opponent knows your strengths if you are quick on your feet your will outsmart a slower opponent and bait him out with your strengths. But as you get better you are getting comfortable with more and more of these fields. No one can dominate at every field but have his dood areas and someone else is stronger in an other way. The one who dominates the field with own strengths faster will have the odds on his side.

At some point I might do a demonstration of all these 9 situations and how they operate in different situations.

Example – How to lock opponent on even ods by maximising own angles:”The genital moove”: In a 1 on 1 situation you may put the opponent in and as you advance, paint the old side as if you still are playing at your last known location and bunker the opponent from the other side.

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