PB Long winter is here


After 4 months of  pause in paintball season I finally get to play paintball again. I am going to transcend into airsoft as they have games every weekend. However today I was using a pump witch was a completely new experience for me. I have used one once at my bachelor party but not as intensely as today, learning how to play pump play.

Empire Trracer experiences

Some cases recapped:

The first game begun just fine, The pump was quite new to me but knowing the fundamentals I managed to get behind first cover and as I read the gameplay, oponents had not yet reached crosfield cottage. I found a good window to bum pupp to next cottage on my side.

Well there, I got camping and redrew barrels to me on both sides. Crossfield tried tag me but the balls only bounced and I could hinder the opponents from advancing any further. On my side I traded paint but with no immediate success with accuracy. I was trying to stay in correct form and snap out but my aim was still way of. Occasionally I engaged crosfield as to keep him busy and locked down. My team was however locked themselves or unable to read the situation and not bumping up. At some point the opponent finally got to tag me and our left side was destroyed. Little thereafter also the right side rental dropped away. At this time I think it was 2 on 1. Only one on our team made a great gameplay and relocated to left corner. Opponents pushed up to our corner building but our guy read this and rushed him out. The second opponent supporting the push could then drop our last man. Great team play!

I had some issues wit the paint shopping but I was using two year old summer paint, Bejet. Despite it operated as a flamethrower at least the balls broke in contrast to opponents winterbells. Every now and then I got intact balls on spot as every second broke.

Overall I must say the pump game is the most difficult format of paintball. You need constantly to retake the correct trajectory. This is why you get to practice you motivation to aim on target wit the first ball as in tournament play you can just spray in some direction to block of a field.

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