R.I.P. Paintball boots

pixlr_20180323080534124I have tried a lot of hiking boots and there are few available in the mainstream market. I broke several ”quality” brands after few times walking around. One boutique was far away and the next time I passed by, I didn’t remember the receipt and the third time I didn’t have the boots with me. This is why I have hard time to finds true quality boots.

The last ones I used was Viking hiking boots for about 10 years now. Last fall they start to fall apart but still kept me dry in the mud despite being all ripped open. Rest In peace my trusty companions.

There is no Under Armour lightweight boots available in my country and purchasing online felt extremely risky as the standard shoe sizes differs from every manufacturer. It took me all winter to find replacements. I am now testing Icebug boots.

IMG_20180323_060829.jpgCons. They are cheep and of ”one season” quality. They have reflective elements on them.

Pros: They are slightly lighter than my previous ones. They have anti slip rubber soles.

The anti slip functions well under 0 degrees celsius, but if there is molten water on the ice they can slide slightly. Way better than regular boots in any case. I skipped the dubs as I am using these as all around winter/paintball boots. I may walk at office floors why it is important not to scratch them up.

My hope is they will stay firm on moist rock while playing paintball.

After 9 months of use these are in the state of retirement. One of the strap holders has broken off and the fabric has torn apart from its seams.

Evaluation of features:

  • Weight, 1-3: 2 could be light as sneakers but are lighter than previous boots.
  • Support, 1-3: 3 despite they are not strapped up on the calf they still give good support way up.
  • Breathability/comfort: 3 At first they was quite warm but in time they have found a tempered state, I don’t need to cool my feet of from time to time as with previous boots.
  • Grip/anti slip 1-3: 2 they offer some anti slip function under zero degrees but on damp rock these need to be tested before giving final verdict.
  • Camouflage: 2 they are mainly dark and blends in the shade of woods, but the reflective features will expose you at CQB indorfields.

Grading 12 of in a scale between 5-15.

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