PB: Carbon Paintball SC Pod Pack


First thought

It was noticeably of superior quality to my previous pod packs and certainly better quality than tippmann packs. I was a bit afraid the strap would be too stiff as Paintball Ruined my life claimed but I felt the pack flexed enough for my own needs. Team Insanity claims the air pillow is unnecessary and I don’t need a ball bearing in my back wobbling the pack around. You needed your both hands putting the pods in the first time. I wonder if it is possible to put an empty pod back in place when playing scenario ball. I would like to try the Dye assault pack as it has a pod cover making it easier for refs to verify hits. This SC harness does not have those and the refs needs to ”spread the cheeks” to find stains. If one ref misses something you get a major from another ref.

Seasoned thaughts

First tournament level practice taught me the form is ok, the pods was quite easy to put in and out behind your back. Team insanity and Paintball ruined my life says the pods has a tendency to open by them selves. I had one empty pod open on me and another opened to my hand as I was reaching for it but that one was easy to salvage. The gimmick pump gave some leverage pivot to your back, some like it others don’t, I haven’t decided yet. One thing I noticed other harness do not cramp my back as this one did, I tried to replace it on my back and it helped.

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