PB: Valken Podpack


I purchased this second hand and I guess it is the Valken Crusade line of pod packs.

The reason I upgraded for Carbond SC pack is due to the lidles ability. One les element to fiddle around with. However this works only on tournament level where you have a pod caddie picking up all the pods in between the games. This Valken pod pack works also in scenario games as you are able to put back the pod in the form fitted pod holder. For scenario ball I prefer still Vulcanos basic pod holders. They have not the same form fitting but the lid is longer and easier to strap back on when re injecting empty pods behind your back.

Overall comments. This works as a basic podback. Nothing especially good nor bad wit it. The added zipper pocket is interesting feature if you figure out what to carry in it. Car keys perhaps as money needs to be carried on you at all times. The pod pack is unnecessary weight one is eager to relinquish in between games.

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