IMG_20180520_142204Soft gear

Despite the zipper is broken on my PE pants I’I still persist on using them as they have not torn up anywhere and otherwise serves their purpose extremely well.

I don’t need knee pads thanks to PE built in pads combined with Carbons protective bottom .

PE shirt is all ok but the paint stained it immediately.

I wanted to try the Virtue Vio XS bounce effect this year as the contour had very small air volume under the mouthpiece. The venting improved drastically. This year I will check if Dye I 4 has even better airflow.

One necessity you must have are Two towels in your pocket.

As bounce shirt I still have JT:s soft padded shirt. I am still in search for a sleeveless bounce shirt since Proto bounce vests are discontinued.

Slys soft elbow pads has proven to be extremely useful at scenario game when crawling half the day amongst the roots. They are still holding strong but I want to find replacements equally good if these someday do brake down. It appears I need to purchase new already since I’ve lost the other one.

The gloves needs to be replaced with full finger gloves. I got basic Invert gloves as a present. These will replace my fingerless padded gloves as they are so difficult to get of.

This year I will trie Carbons SC harness as last year the Vulcan 2+3 pod holders was flapping around on my back and i want something that is tight.

I will still be using Goldhammer paintball cleats, the logo has fallen of from one of the shoes but they are still holding strong as to the seams and gripp surface.

As bag I use a 25 year old broken shoulder bag. When I can afford I will replace it with toolbox with trolley wheels. It may operate as a stool as well.

The pod cooler is an absolute must in my book. The cooler keeps your paint tempered longer.


I have now quired a GTEK 160R , I will try next year LV1.5 if it is still availiable next year. I tried the CS1 in my hands but it felt too big and clumsy in my hands, that is why I prefer the smaller markers as the discontinued GEO:s. Perhaps CS2 can ofer somewhat slimmer fit to my hands, yet to be tested.

This year I change the colouring of the spire3 as purple grafite was not availiable last season. The parts has been improved and is much easier to turn on the power than last year.  The hinge can actually be of annoyance when getting shot in the loader and cleaning the mess. This happened once and it was a bit difficult to wipe the interior clean with a towel as it did not open fully.

No upgrade on tank nor barrel cover side this year.


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