Paintball tubers


Here follows a list of Youtube vloggers I like to follow. I enjoy tubers with whom I am able to improve own gameplay

Longer Podcasts – good to listen to instead of car radio

  • Carl Markowski:

    He has the largest library of interviews with serious contributors to the sport of paintball. Be it a pro player or game organiser etc.

  • Paintball Ruined My Life:

    He begun as blog writer of new releases but pivoted into Live chats, paintball ruined my week and Paintball question time. Sometimes he reviews new products introduced to the markets.

  • Behind The Bunker:

    Amusing podcast and characters, these fill up the space with games as guess the amazon/e-bay prize etc

  • Cris salge

    He has podcast mainly covering big game events together with other players. The sound quality might not overpower the motor noises on the road every time.

  • Talking Tactical Podcast

    This channel has mostly two driving actors discussing game formats and own experiences of different mag fed and big games. The sound quality might be of various types.

Tournament play

  • J3ui:

    He has good and educational captures of his gameplay. Includes good and viable angles with the latest tournament layouts.

  • Ronnie Dizon:

    Small portion of this is action as much of the edits include everyday life events surrounding a practice day


    He meets up with many pro players and sometimes makes some interesting projects or travel across the world.

  • Bear Degidio

    His podcasts are energetic and incorporates a lot of tips and tricks how to improve own gameplay by real life batles

  • Jake Blackstaffe:

    He makes as Dizon everyday life vlogs involving everything from preparation to ending a tournament session.

Scenario Games

He also comments his gameplay wich is very educational, mainly scenario games. One gets to recognise what to focus on in different scenarios and perhaps also spot something he might have missed.

He has practical tips on how to improve your scenario game by customising speedball tecniques. (Another part of his vlogs concern rollescating).

He is a magfetisher and has become quite entertaining vlogger. Recently he has started to blogg of his everyday life witch is quite interesting but he begun with his career with scenario gaming.

He makes mini movies about scenario paintball and attempts to catch the tension in difficult spots.

One big tuber who vlogs his scenario games.

  • Wolf paintball

    He is an oldtimer and has covered a lot of scenario game aspects and reviews. I especially enjoy his sk ”gentlemans lounge” type of interviews with important actors within paintball industry.



Lately he has improved his tips and tricks including reflections on own practice sessions. This gives a lot of learnings how to approach certain situations for oneself.

He was a big content contributor at one time but I guess the trollers got the best out of him and he is not as active anymore

He makes good reviews of various paintball gear and provides some pump action paintball games.

All things oldschool and autocockers


Gear and reviews

These ”teens” has operated for a long while reviewing and making sk. torture tests on div equipment. They have very large scope of what they broadcasts. Lately Jake seems to make more guest appearances at Lone wolf paintballs vlogs.

He reviews a lot of gear and gives a service technicians perspective on settings and gear. He also used peanut butter to lube a frozen Gtech and it still operated.

He has has amusing stories and anecdotes to share about ”old school” skills. He has a bit negative humor to his vlogs why he might not be a good role model for the younger audience.

He makes some scientific/unscientific tests and trials of various things related to paintball.

  • Paintborg

    He propagated for the love for this sport and how it unites people beyond ethnicity and religion. He also made DYI videos how to improve your Tippmann markers. Unfortunately he prematurely ended his own life.

If you like my blogs read more here.

Trie also my own Vlogs at Youtube. Hope you like, subscribe and share these as it helps me to provide more ”semi” educational material to new beginners in paintball.


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