Paintball markers by category

GUESS_markerIn this article I filter one marker for each and every step up to tournament level markers.

Autocockers, Mag fed and Pump will not be considered. but the scope will cover mechanical markers before turning into electrical markers.

I’ve made the choice simple for the uneducated beginner. He only needs to decide his budget and skipp all alternatives. The advanced player may spend money on competing variants but the choices are educated ones. With this list a beginner can safely purchase whatever his wallet can allow.

  • 100: Cronus
  • 200: Azodin KD II
  • 300: Mini GS
  • 400: Etha 2
  • 500: Gteck
  • 600 RSX
  • 700 Gteck 160R
  • 800
  • 900 Luxe 2 olead
  • 1000 M2 Mos air
  • 1100
  • 1200 CS 1.5
  • 1300
  • 1400 CS2
  •  If you spend any more money than this you are educated in what your needs are.

There are some slots without markers those are opportunities for competitors to enter the market. However these are usually filled either with limited edition markers or discounted ones.

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