PB: Barrel Cover


During my many several years of active play in paintball, (3), I’ve come to understand how important a good barrel cover is. I have had various types of covers most of them of misc cloth. Tippmann has a good barrel cover as it fits APEX but the textile will deteriorate with time as paint and elements wear it out. Planet Eclipse might have good barrel covers but textile them as well.

The reason I want a good barrel cover comes from the understanding when I shot a cheap barrel cover to pieces. I didn’t realise it was going to brake and as a misfire shot the ball ripped one corner open and flew out. These kind of mistakes can happen with any textile based barrel covers. With a rubber one … its is almost indestructible, but if it would deteriorate any time within this century you get a good indication that it is going to generate accidents long before those actually are possible. A broken rubber cover can be replaced before it is dangerous in contrast to the textile ones you are not aware of the danger.

One important feature as well is the rubber band. The length of it should be well fit with your marker. The tightening locks tend to wear down the flexibility mechanism and you need to make special arrangements to have the cord hold. Most textile ones don’t have a replaceable cord in contrast to rubber ones. If you have a good barrel cover there is no need to throw it away because of broken cord, just replace it.

A cloth cover might cost 5 bucks as rubber ones 15. If you play once in your life time go cheap but if you play for a hole year you need the rubber one. The cloth ones wear out in near future but rubber ones do not. You are still running with a rubber cover as someone else might have run thru 25 textile ones, do the math what is cheaper.

You should never go cheap on safety as the rubber one indicates well ahead of time before it is time to replace it as for textile ones might pop someone’s eye out before you realise one is broken.

Thus my choice in this Exalt rubber cover for my barrels.

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