PB: Tae Kwon Ball

In this article I present the gameplay how it was played 9/6 at Huvilupa with Salo Action Sport Center.

Game 1 – woodland

I rush of acording to the tapeline uphill. I aquire the hill uncontested. Uphill I see two oponents of them I take out one. I have a baad spot to camp on why I need to moove as there is no flank protection on the hill top. I find a teammate engaged in a firefight to my 3:00 and communicate to him not to shoot me when I am abaougt to go around and surprise the oponents.. I go wide along the tapeline as to preserve stealth. The operation takes dangerously long time so my stationed teammate is in dagner of being played out.

Luckily I manage to reach engagement distance and diperce the remaining fire from him as I surprise an oponent stalking my teammate. I fail to hit on target and alerted teh oponent of the threat but he was caught in the open and had no where to hide why I could pick him out at t the end. My teammate managed to take out his duelling combatant.

Game 2 – woodland.

tarted at oposite end of the field. I rush hard downhill by the tapeline and stop when I expect oponents to have reached. As we meet standof I could have chosen a better camp-spot to duel from but I choose to be mobile. I was protecting my right side with bushes but my front was exposed. Unfortunately for me the oponent was prepared for me to flank him and could just drop me.

Game 3 – woodland.

Once Again I strint acording to tape line and downhill. Now I don’t meet resistance. A good way in to oponents teritory I stop to read the situation before entering open field. No one has spoted me so I continue to go by the tapeline. and find my self all the way back at their homebase. It has good solid cover so I setle in and beguin to lay mayhem to the oposing team. My pump game is not that accurate so I need to rain some paint to hit anyone. I get one guy out from homebase and trie to shoot another one out but he is so far away my arc catches tree branches instead.

As I was inneffective and I don’t have the patience to wait untill opponents suround me in the open so I leave the safety of the solid cover and circle to the other tapeline. Well there I catch an oponent of guard but miss and he has time to dig in. I trie to cover my left flank somewhat better but are unable to snipe the oponent out. I have tapeline to my right solid rock to my left and oponent on even ods ahead of me. If focusing solely on him I will get reared.

I use force multiplication. I leave the spot and the opponent can not be shure werther or not I am bating him or if it is safe to pop out. Thus I leave my spot. If my rear would have been breached I’ve meed taken out allready. So I cross shortest distance behind the rock and attempt to flank the tapeline player from the side as he is still fighting me head on. Time is of essence as he could learn I am no longer there why I rush out in the open to flank him.

Unfortunately I forgot that my right side is not yet out of game and he drops me out as the last member in our team.

Game 4 – urban field

Here I attempt to rush as far up as possible. I can not reach even to the first cover as opponent allready owns midfield and flanks me out. Their Bitz-krieg gave them the victory.

Game 5 – urban field

I attempt to go right by the tapeline but somehow they reach me and I am out before finding any solid cover. My team makes a good fight as they gain the midfield tower but got shot out by us. The threat is redused but they still occupie the base of the tower. Our player manages to trade with that player at the base, fare trade. The fight is even for a very long time untill there is only one of us left and they have two who can outflank our man.

Game 6 – urban field

Nwo I attempted to reach high ground of the brake and manag3ed to do so but my field of sight is absbured by the vegetation why I can only call out our right side of the field who got two players rushing in as four went to the center and left side. The cover ahead of me got shot out by right tapeline player and I rushed to cover it. She had a real good spot and played extremely well. Never resting always poping out from another spot, keeping me second guessing where she was and never reveal to much of mu profile. When she played another angle I was still tucking tight covering the angle she could overwhelm me from. I thaugt of going to clean her out but the distance was so bigh wihtougt cover I would not sucseed as long as her teammates could fend me off.

I was opinned down quite heavily but I didnt let them have any more ground either. At some point my teammate had no balls and i had plenty so I refilled him a couple of times before me myself running out. I still kept one ball as to be able to stay in the game and talk and assist him of oponents locations and movements. I am no longer shure but I bellieve we won this round and overwhelmed the one who had me pinned down so good.

Game 7 – sudden death

This field was designed to waist paint and make quick kills. The bunkers was far away and offered mostly bad cover. I remember I took a few step to best natural elements and the oponent was allready at our doorstep. I batled him and expected to win the duel as I had better cover but somehow I got shot in my as. I have no clue if our own teammates shot me out or was it a rikochet bal from somehere else, but I was out never the less. They won.

Game 8 – sudden death

Now I rushed way far out and got deep into their teritory. My cover ofered me very litle to hide behind as I was playing against a crosfire. I coped for a short while but they could calmly widen their scope and get and angle on me, I was out. I am not shure who won in the end, it might have been us.

Game 9 – sudden death

Now I attempted to take it easy. I got to first cover but many of our team was played out and we was very soon only tree left. I had not notised any movement to my left so I calculated I would manage to widen our angles. They had in stealth got better positions and could drop me off as I advanced to next cover.


Onetimers played very well and I took too big risks. The first couple of games went good for me but as they got warmer I got colder. Antidote to this is to get to the first cover and relie on tecnique rather than attempt to gain teretory. That way I would have been able to contribute for so much longer.




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