PB: Tactical light

Many paintball or airsoft setups utilise flashlights as an accessory for indoors games (dark environments). I say skip them all together and here is the reasoning why:

I am somewhat concerned about the misconceptions of what kind of light you need. Many airsofters and also misc flash light users want to acquire a light wit the most amount of lumen. I do understand if you belong to a professional search and rescue     team you need to send signal light to distant places. But at close range they are of no use. High lumen rate will blend contrasts and silhouettes all white and you will burn your own cornea with the light you are watching at. Not permanently but you lose your night vision for a serious amount of time.

I do understand you want to blind the opponent but what use it is if you both are blinded? Thus more restricted lumen rate is of better use. You get to see what you need to see and restrict the opponent from seeing you. However his teammate will get intel of your location why I personally don’t like to use normal flash lights in games. In self defence when fighting for your survival the flashlight could be of regular brightness but playing with friends you are better suited with either read light or better yet infrared scope so your stealth is preserved.

These guys talks about 450 lumens as tactical light but if 75 lumens is sufficient enough  in a fight light to confuse an aggressor I would not go anywhere above fight light lumens on a toy rifle. IR light is of true value in game situations.


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