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These balls was purchased a month prior to a scenario game. I stored them in bags in a cooling bag in the garage. The paint was shot at autumn weather around 10 degrees celsius. These balls coped well in opened bag during that day. The consistency prevailed. These balls flew fairly on trajectory in contrast to many other paint that may fly where ever. Only my own skill is to blame if not hitting people. The breaking of the ball is easy and colouring is bright neonish. The amount of colour could be more extensive but when hit, it colours sufficiently. Splatter will fade as the layer is thin.

Measured from five random balls at random positions:

  • .681 / .681 / .676 / .670 / .673 – average .676
  • .681 / .688 / .673 / .6668 / .676 – average .677
  • .680 / .689 / .686 / .686 / .686 – average .685
  • .682 / .669 / .686 / .671 / .681 – average .677
  • .674 / .683 / .676 / .686 / .670 – average .680
  • (One ball was disqualified due to a wet-soft spot)

These balls has some consistency but due to their slight oval form no circular average can not be determined.

Overall calculated average .679

These were freak sized with only .684 insert as they rolled all thru, even smaller freak could be used but I don’t own such!

Average weight of 10 balls is 3,1 grams.

  • (1) Breaking of the ball( * * * ): It has a thinner shell and ruptures as should of an ordinary trow test. The ball ruptures however out from one single crack rather than shatters. (Cracked in a bad angle it wont paint).
  • (2) Quality of splatter ( * *  ): It has good visible splatter, the colour is bright neon but due to the lack of quantity, the splatter could be smeared invisible.
  • (3) Operational temperature ( * * ): During the game day I noticed some bounces but that is expected after an entire day of play wit any paint. They managed to survive relatively fresh an extreme heatwave affecting their storage temperature.
  • (4) Longevity (  * * ): I  stored these two weeks in an open hopper and didn’t notice any dimples during this time. The trajectories of those need to be confirmed yet.

Overall rating 9 stars

Qf  – 24


The balls was not the greatest but sufficient enough to score 9 stars and due to the prizing deal of the case the quality comparison climbed quite high, 24 with discount. If purchased for regular pized the Qf declines to 19 witch is still quite competitive score.

These balls are valued as tournament grade. If so not on a speedball for electronic markers but perhaps for mec or magfed tournaments. I prefer more brittle paint for tournament games.

All time paint comparison

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