Paintball gear bag

The ultimate paintball gear bag is a regular hardware tool box.

Normal paintball gear bags features flips between a backpack and a soft trolly bag. Often one needs to attach separate marker cases on top making these solutions extremely  protruding. Some manufacturers attempts to utilise easy clean fabrics so you can store your dirty paintball clothes in them.

Backpacks are good to wear off the muddy ground. Trollies are good to travel longer distances with. These can be flexible to accomodate minimal gear or expand to maximise the carry on volume.

There are other substitutes if one does not wish to support the brand values within paintball industry. Hockey bags are good substitutes but I have found out a gear bag witch does not provides neither of portable qualities nor travelling qualities.

What a features does a toolbox offer:

  • Protection from elements
  • Seat during events
  • Service table in events
  • Quick and easy clean system
  • All in one storage

As mentioned above a decent seat during an event is gold worth. Also the clean service table is keeping your screws and detens from falling in tall grass when quick servicing your gear. It keeps your gear dry while heavy rain and when dirty from paint stained clothes it is easy to powerwash thru. You have all you need in one place and dont need to fetch tru different markerbags for one specific allen key. If has modest theft proofing.

I mentioned it doesn’t serve the needs as back pack and travel bag can offer. It can be bulky and difficult to carry. However in the back of my car it will serve its purpose on and of the field. The trolly wheels are a bit stiff and does not flex in the terrain. The trolly handle is also stiff but serves sufficient enough function to be dragged around on the event. It is also of limited size. Depending on what kind of pants you use it will or will not serve you. Carbon lightweight pants fits fine in there but Eclipse elusion pants are big and bulky and will not fit there. Also if you are carrying own paint to the field it can get a bit heavy to load on and of your car why a separate cooling bag for paint is prefered.

Past experiences has reduced my carry on weight at paintball fields and maximise the volume I am able to have with me. I usually dress up by the car and dont need to carry clothes anywhere. I can have additional redundant gear witch I can sell to other players in need of secondhand quality gear.

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