Paintball for dummies: listening

CTC prideThere are many skills to master in paintball of which communication is probably the most important one. However this article focuses on the listening part instead.

Why is listening so important? Why call out a positions if there is no one on the receiving end!

In speedball you can listen with what frequency your bunker is painted down. With skillful reading you can determine if he is deliberately painting your bunker as to paralyse you when someone else is coming to bunker you. Or if some balls are straying in your bunker and the main stream is attempting to hit you when popping out of cover. In those cases you just snap out below, above or from the other side to get the paint of your bunker. If he has a predictable pattern you might have time to snap out in between balls and paint him in.

You can listened where there is shooting action and where there is silence. When stealth is revealed you can shadow walk to flank the source of noice. However you must be aware of the absence of noice. Someone else might be baiting you out of cover as well. You need to do the risk analysis witch is better; to seize the opportunity or staying alive. You can minimize the risks with 3 second rule or wraping.

Something else important to listened to is to be on the receiving end. Comprehend what your teammate is telling you and capitalise on the opportunities.

One last important lesson is to listen to the absence of noice. If your teammate calls for a ref check and the noice stops you can assume he was legitimately hit and is out of the game. You can also rely on your teammates to communicate flanking information for you, but when there is no information you must assume you are about to get flanked. Retreat to superior cover and catch opponent at disadvantageous ground. An example of this at own game below.

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