Cheating game of paintball


At Coast to Coast paintball field 18.11.18 I reflected upon what is cheating or not.

The game was played with Finns, Swedes Russians and Ukrainians. The game was very competitive why no mercy was given. If there would have been any walkon rentals the rules might have been more restricting. I could have objected on the e-guns and extended pods on the field but I enjoyed the challenge. I did not win much but learned a lot.

I don’t call anyone a cheater as I played competitively myself. I humbly thank everyone participating and being willing to grant me this experience. I hope to have the honour to play with them again.

Game one

First of I make a mistake and expose my top mounted camera above a window. It caught paint. I feel a slight bump and checked for paint. I didn’t catch any so I could have continued to pay on. But luckily I had a team member there who initially didn’t see the hit but noticed the camera being hit. He verified I was out. It is always better to stay alive than surrender your life in vain.

In this game also two players encountered each other. Many shots was made. One player got shot on thick knee pad with visible paint. He continued to play on. The other player was behind cover why it is difficult for me to verify was he hit before or after the leg shot.

The first player might not have recognized the hit as it hit soft tissue on the pants why he played on. Did he cheat without knowing it? As bystander I reffed him out as he did not realise the hit. I called it a trade as they both had paint on them. Even the other player might not realized his hit if he was adrenaline pumped as his mask absorbed the splatter/hit.

If I was caught in a fire fight and unable to check a bounce from a hit I would continue to engage until able to redraw to a safe bunker to check it out. It is always better to stay alive than call yourself out in vain! If you are not sure play on until getting help to verify the hit, if you are shure don’t cheat. If you suspect it could be a hit call yourself out if you are not sure what happened or you bumped a twig play on.

Game 2

In the very next game I was playing of the window. I attempted to challenge the opponent as he was engaging our tower scout. Unfortunately I was in the same line as the tower scout so he could only drop his barrel to catch me. AS this happened I still squeeze a ball out. It takes some time for the brain to wire a hit to your fingers. What is the time limit what is simultaneous and what is separate incidents? ’is a tournament ref able to call it within a split second? Maybe I was cheating maybe I wasn’t. Better to keep on fighting until you know right from wrong.

Game 3

In the third game I was shot out and stayed on to film the gameplay. As a team member shot his last balls and I was closeby. I stepped in and traded guns with him so he could continue to be effective on the field. I didn’t tell him anything of the gameplay was I cheating? According to most fields I’ve played so far this kind of trade is allowed why I assumed it would be this time as well. I might have stretched the rules a bit as I stepped close to his cover to give my setup to him.

Also as I stayed on the field inactive but filming. My presence might have tilted the balance of power. Opponents shifted their barrels at me, of the actual game play. Did I help my team out. Yes this might have been an unfair advantage but however I believe the capture of the gameplay would be more valuable for the opponent than the paint wasted on me.

Game 4

In this game I catch a tournament players flank. He is dangerously far upp. I can’t give him any benefit of a doubt. If he survives bounces our entire team could be runned over. I had to paint him until he surrendered. As soon as he did so I stopped painting him.

There was also a misunderstanding situation. Guns went silent and there was still active players on both teams. And as they was studying their next move one got caught by a surprize. The aggressor saw his surprize as a sign of capitulation, hand up and stopped shooting him. But when he redraw into cover and continued fighting on. What would you do? Would you continue to shoot a ”dead” player out until he realises to give up? This is what happened, mistakes happen and all players have to be prepared to take a beating due to unclear circumstances. Later they discussed about it and got to understand each others viewpoints.



As a noob I have encountered several unclear situations and learning from each. I have called myself out from bounce balls and given too much mercy to active players. A little bit wiser and experienced I have learned to make better calls.

You are more valuable for your team if you are alive than dead. Your team depends on you. Why you must be absolutely sure you are out before lowering your barrel. Help the other team to be assured they as well are out of the game.

Merely your presence behind a cover helps your team out. Opponent is reluctant to advance out in the open if he believes you have a shot at them. You can also assist by calling out opponent positions even if you are out of paint. This is tremendously valuable for your team. This is why you must stay alive as long as possible.

Misunderstandings do happened and everyone need to understand it is not easy to recognise a hit in the middle of an intense firefight. Don’t be bad mouthing bounces for hits, accept you own judgement may be faulty and get a better angle to convince the opponent to leave.

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