PB Dominate front on battle

Snap shooting is a moove few airsofters are able to replicate. Rob McCurley on AC Dallas against Huston Heat gives a showcase of how snap shooting is executed.39aac2_7ea4f1f8749742b5b76a5182ddf8beb8_mv2_d_3346_2532_s_4_2


Here follows a short summary what lead to the incredible snap shot.

From break of AC loses their man in the small cake(Dizon). Rob fills in and continues to double cover the snake by miniwing. At that time AC has back corner covered and Huston has a player at the first snake knuckle.

Rob makes his presence known Huston shifts angles by hopping over the snake to wing side instead where he takes out AC back corner. Rob exits Heats line of fire by moving to the brick.


You can see how Huston player is searching for rob at last known location. When huston realises flanking angle he decides to hop back behind the knuckle again. (I guess he is ineffective/locked down at the wing, Rob has the superior cover and angle).

I am not sure if he survived the hop over or if Rob manages to catch him on the run to own knuckle. Huston player stays in the game for quite some time before Rob is in a position to challenge him again. As Rob manages to reach own knuckle Huston player surrenders himself out of the game. Perhaps crossfield got him as he got tunnel vision on Rob. If he played dirty the field would be empty of Heat players and AC could reach for the flag hang.pb003

Below you see how Rob manages to reach opponents snake knuckle why Huston Heat must react. They manage to retake their corner and now begins the real fight.

The snap shot

Now you will bare withes how to dominate in frontal confrontations. Not even active military are able to replicate this kind of skill in dominating frontal battles, even less airsofters. (Military cherish their one life as paintballers don’t bother about few bruises).


Heat dominates the snake lane.pb005

Rob makes a mistake and exposes too much of his hopper above his cover. He manages to survive, image below.

Houston heat corner man knows he will be popping out from another angle. As to paint Rob in Heat prepares to blast the left side of the knuckle.pb006

Rob survives that ambush as well.

The body count is now 3 to 2, the players need to know this! Rob takes his time evaluates the situation.

Rob listends, prepares himself (visualising his target) and quickly snaps out from his bunker.pb007pb009


By the time the paint catches huston players sleeve Rob is already back behind cover.

This is how one snapshots, find a window of opportunity and engage.

If you are suppressed by a constant lane, there is only one barrel against you. Change level or angle and snap out.

You only tilt your upper torso slightly so you show minimal profile as you lob a way a volley of paint to the direction you mentally visioned your opponent to be at (hearing assists to locate the correct position/angle).

Airsofters get so little game time they dont get to practice this kind of dominance. In 1 hour of game a paintballer may practice this few hundred times. By the time an airsofter has made one hundred snap shots a decade might have passed by as milsim fields are so vast and action is scarce.


As Rob sees the corner player walk of he know there is only one treat left. With gun up he starts to walk towards the flag hang and search for the last opponent. Apparently his teammates manages to take him out and Rob goes for the flag hang.

However the game is not as simple as that. Snap shooting training only helps you to be a better player. Rob made many different stops.

  • Small bumps up the field.
  • Reading the play
  • Reacting when situations developed.

A noob as me will take too big of steps and neglects the intel when taking risks.

When you excel in skill you learn how to utilise these small steps, read the field and know how to work the angles at each bunker according to the game situation.

Surviving mistakes

While the game was played Rob did mistakes as did Huston Heat players. Only difference is Rob survived them. Luck has little to do with it but practice and experience gives good intuition how to operate in any given situation.

If you don’t play at all you don’t take any paintball risks. Staying behind one bunker at all time is not healthy risk management.

You play it as safe as possible when:

  • minimising own surface
  • Playing from superior cover against inferior cover
  • Changing the field dynamics all the time
  • Utilising shade to dominate angles

This all needs to be practiced in to the bone marrow.

As we all make mistakes the only difference is who reacts faster to dictate the rules of engagement rather to following the opponent where he wants to have you.


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