Vinter paintball

Paintball in wintertime can be a little bit problematic. There are many misperceptions of that paintballs can freeze up, they can not!

I am not yet familiar with the design of winter paint but according to a few trials I have experienced winterpaint to be sometimes ok for accuracy but mostly they stray of from trajectory as they tend to dimple when exposed for extended periods of time for freezing degrees. As fresh they might cope. However they start to bounce very quickly. I have noticed durable summer paint is much better.

If a summer paint can endure storage to winter season without dimpling up they will fly consistently on target. Some will burst in the barrel but at CQB distance it is way better to spray tag opponents than bounce them. At greater distances spray gun will be of no use, nor will a bounce gun either!

After some more experience from winter paint I have come to understand the first hour of gameplay Art Life will fly straight in -3 degrees celsius. The next hour some balls broke in my Gtek 160R. I ran it without lube. I tried my Ttracer as well but the I guess the O rings froze and cocked the valve open from time to time. The third hour my shoes was soaking wet from snow melting from my pants in them. By now Art life was out and I had only Empire premium left. These mushed up in the gravity hopper and only some rare balls flew out unbroken.

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