PB: My genital moove


This will be of one of my triumphant moments in paintball. We was playing 3 on 3 at urban field in Coast to Coast paintball field in Paimio, Finland.


I rushed to the ”Office”, it seemed as if I was unopposed so I go inside and start to read the gameplay and trying to preserve stealth. Inside I see how one opponent has pushed way up and gives me entire broadside.

gm012I blast him out of the game. I might have overshot him but I know I often miss with the first and another will be a bounce. As he was out, the field dynamics radically changed, I attempt to capitalise on the window of opportunity and rush out to shift angles.

I see my colleagues who are shot out as well as the opponent I took out, they are walking of. It is 2-1 or 1 on 1. I bait myself to gain info of opponents angles. I am relying on my reaction time if hearing a shot, I trust in my ability to redraw back behind cover. First contact made from my mirror cottage. I realise my ability to challenge frontal confrontation is limited. He also has superior cover so I change angles.gm001

I attempt to go rush him but realise he can counter my mooves far to well by monitoring me thru the cracks in the boards. Trying to figure out what to do, and I realise that I far to seldom utilise redrawal.

gm013I do this. There Is a small unprotected window from my Office to the next spool but I decide to risk it. The risk pays of. From here I can walk in the shade to our back corner. Well there I realise there is no one reacting from any other angle and the office is only threat left. I bait again for information and get to understand he has not relocated.gm002gm003


As he is camping I pop out from one side of the back cottage and then ruch up thru deep snow to next cottage.


I managed to rush it. I see him clearly from the next cottage window and blast him away. I am sure of that I got him. I continue to see him but as I am 100% sure I shot him out. He does not signal or move as if he is going of, so I secure wit a few more balls.


If he he has redrawn to check for bounces I utilise the opportunity to push up to the third cottage. I get to see glimpse of a silhouette behind the Office before I go crashing down in the snow. I fall safe wit my gun clear of snow so I crawl to the cottage corner and lay some paint. Behind the Office. Trying to take another angle but to no use. As I re-engage the cottage corner the Office opponent has either relocated or is out of the game.


If he has went in to the building he will be in superior cover to take me out in the open. He has however less angles to work with from there why I rush for the opposite wall before he camps in. I managed to reach for the win.

Another time I tried similar move I got shot in the leg at the very last second, but now I cleared it.


Here are my and my mates videos of the the engagement:


My main paintball page

Or Tube me


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