Bunker Kings CMD

First impressions

It looks like another Angel eyes clone (Empire EVS is also a lookalike clone due to the excessive width to the sides). A slimmer fit mask won’t expose you in advance before having visual on opponent. Peripheral vision is completely unnecessary as in the original Angel eyes mask, Grills can testify for that. You only use your eyes to see straight. motion colours and shapes is registered outside the focus of pupil. Hearing will guide your eyes to focus on flanks, in other words no peripheral view! You only redirect you focal point.p-100735-angeleyesmask-5

I was hoping the visor to block zenit reflections inside the lens. Also rain is free to drop inside to deteriorate dual lens foam. The lence in itself creates flare effects even indoors. At least it gives some visibility when you have the evening sun blinding you. But as the visor is so small you need to tilt your head extensively to create a shade pocket to see through. You will be playing in disadvantage compared to opponents not facing the sun, but at least you will be able to perform where players without visors will be playing completely blinded of the low sun.

The venting looked sensible. The actual coverage equals a vio contour.

The hinges seem to be improved from previous vios but the false safety plack induces great pressure to the lobes when the strap is tightened to fit. This is the sole reason for me to discard this mask.

In depth trial is to come …


  • Want factor(1-5): – The enhanced venting and communication was main reason why I wanted to try this out. Also the gold details was somewhat interesting.
  • Need factor (1-5): 4 – If you get this for a good deal the improvements could be justified.
  • Innovation value (1-5): 2 The visor is nothing new and it is good that it stays on rather than bend unusable after first trial. The broader strap does not offer anything interesting. The loge bursters is not a positive innovation.

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