PB: game of the week #1



The situation

At 45:35 you se how the point has been 5 on 5 for a prolonged time. The card deck starts to unravel when Rodarte trades out by running into a lane while bunkering the snake wing out. Morehead capitalises on this void and takes 50 brick. Perish manages run Morehead down. Federoff makes it to the can. Perish doesn’t survive long that far up.

And now you see how luck and skill combined makes the point, 45:58.

Drew Templeton manages to beat the dorito player and just as Infamous back player (Federoff) peaks out on the right side Templeton is behind cover and as Infamous player takes the other side to calculate the situation Templeton hops out and runs him down.

It is a bit difficult to see if he overshoots or not. But at least three balls is pleased on the last infamous player alive.

  1. First in the mask, he has still gun on ready stance.
  2. Next one in the chest and the gun is down
  3. The last one in the arm might be a mere reflex of the speed fanning the trigger.

So what went wrong or right.

The infamous,(Federov),  player wasted a lot of valuable resources when he jumped up from the can to the temple. He was insecure if he was hit and asked for the ref to clear him. Before he surrenders to the refs calling he makes a small peak to evaluate if he needs to counter the right side, no. When ref clears him it is already too late. This is resource one must waist as not to play dirty and get penalties.

But the opponent read the situation to his advantage and acted faster when capitalizing on the opportunity.

Luck or skill?

Fedorov could have peaked out earlier or later and spotted the treat. However when Templeton has the intel in your hand don’t go wasting it by playing it safe. You know where infamous player is at, you se he has troubles and calls for a check. Don’t wait for the check to be cleared. Make sure the check is verified for a kill. Templeton maximizes the use of cover to the fullest potential and while he advances in the shade of the can Infamous doesn’t get any intel of the game. When Tempelton exposes himself he has gun up and is ready to shoot he does not encounter resistance so he continues. When he gets sight of opponent he lays it on him.

The key is to utilise speed and maximise own stealth/cover.


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