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Exalt loader case

This article will tell how the exalt loader case fits a spire3 and how to quick fix any problems you might have to adjust it to other loaders than rotors.

First impressions of it is that it is more flexible than anticipated. I thought the shell would be of harder material. But the flexible shell does its intended work to protect my loader from wear and tear during transportation.

Is it really necessary? No not for a beginner, not necessary for tournament player either. But for one who wants to preserve resales value of his loader, it is crucial. The loader will take a beating while playing but cuch wear does not compare to the beating it takes in the gearbag. When  you toss and roll the gear bag, adjacent gear will grind on an unprotected hopper. You might wrap the loader in a microfiber but it may come out from it while tumbling around. Despite pants are of cloth its velcro, strap locks and zippers are not. These will carve markings on any loaders.

I found the Rotor tray suits a Spire 3 better than without. My 220 spire 3 will fit the tray and lock it on place. The extra bag is surprisingly loose assembled. I knew it had a velcro attachment but yet when I tried to take it out I got the velcro bottom come off with the extra bag. The glue will not hold any wear and tear so you need to counter push the surface when peeling of the extra bag of the velcro. No biggy, I superglued it on, on its old glue tracks.

My spire fits it well despite it is a bit wide and expands the sides. It fits well enough I have a lot of excess space on top. No need to force it shut. However it will not fit with the excess bag so I toss it to the cone side instead … if I ever find any use for it. Come to think about it I will just flip the rotor tray around and have the exes bag fix the spire cone in place.


It does its intended work even for other loaders than rotors. It is however of questionable quality. Despite it is flawless in all other aspects, the extra bag peeled of with its velcro anchoring without any effort. It is an easy DIY fix but Exalt should reconsider their quality control strategies.

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