PB: Self critique #1

Three positive and three improvements to reflect on from the paintball games from 29.9.2019.


  1. I managed to take out one player from the break laning with my KP3. It finally delivered some consistent shots and one of them landed behind a side runners ear.
  2. I managed to battle against head on duels witch I generally loose. I thought my back man was more experienced. Should’ve could’ve doesn’t count so I stayed in my spot giving the momentum away to the opponents. In the end something nicked my mask enough for me to recognise it as a hit. It was a monster ball bouncing of.
  3. At multiple occasions I read the gameplay right staying in the shade of immediate threat as well as keeping secondary flank in cover while operating.

To improve:

  1. Listening to the game. I recognised my left side went silent but kept on calling positions in the hope he was relocating in silence. I did relocate and keep the opponents guessing where I am. I should have realized something was about to go south, when two opponents clustered together. I tried to cet them but my accuracy sucks. While I meditate on my options I get a surender from my back, I take it. I should have reacted instead and gone behind the office and perhaps traded out or survived the flanker.
  2. Even if it is a last stand battle I need to have the presence of mind to maximize my opportunities. I didn’t move in in thru the door to my building but stayed out to exchange massive paint vollies. I lost. I partially knew if I fu*k up my aim by dancing inside building he would have me pinned down. I did the right choice not compromising my aim, but I failed to succeed in my plan to accurately get him. Timing him out with calm would have made the trick.
  3. When it is end game I ”panic”. As my opponent thought I was in a building further away I was about to surprize him, I got scared that my loader allerted him of my whereabouts why I ruch him out. But he managed to se me thru the window and prepare to annihilate me. My surprize was blow and I was to lit up.

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