Seasonal bass fishing


This article focuses on elements how to find fish according the seasonal condition. Bass has 3 easy rules they bide by:

  • food bass follows where the food migrates
  • Survival sustainable oxygen levels and optimal water temperatures
  • reproduction spawn at locations where egs will hatch successfully


Bass moves out from deepwater sanctuaries to shallow banks following bait fish. Baitfish lurk at the deeper shallows during the day and by the shorelines by evening.

Shallow water Crankbaits and spinner baits are most effective. Top water poppers can also do the trick when competing against live fish in a feeding frenzy. Keep the small profile bait of bottom. Natural colors work nice in clear water. Flashier colours works in stained waters.


Baitfish are pushed into the deeper pockets of lakes where the bass will follow. Due to fishes cold blooded nature their metabolism slows down. As bass are slow to move you need to present slow targets for the to feed on. They lurk along steep edges as bass can cover effortless a lot of depth jigs and spoons works fine.


Bas don’t reproduce uniformly why their behaviour can be irradical as one colony spawn process is different as another colonies.

Pre spawn water warms up and bass uses structures and covers to navigate to spawning grounds. As the temperature warms up they become increasingly active but stays always in cover. Thus making jigs and texas rigs most suitable.

Spawn is done at shallow hard bottoms. Females come in only to lay eggs and males stays put to protect the eggs. Food does not attract attention as much as intruders to spawn locations. Northern parts of waters warm up firs why the spawn is activated first as they are protected from northern winds.. Mercy waters spawn locations are at shallow depths and in clear waters at deeper depths.

Post spawn Females behave erratically at boat docks submerged constructions jerkbaits or colorado spinner bait are great options. Males tend to visit the spawn nests briefly to fend of fry. Color matching to bait fish becomes important.


The heat pushes bass to deeper waters as the waters are cooler and bait fish plentifull. In contrast to winter the bass are now active. Extreme heat is a stress element why bass will feed aggressively but in short bursts. Deep diving crank baits dropshots work well now. If the feeding frenzy has ended offer a slower presentation to make it easier for the bass to snatch an easy meal. Light and oxygen levels dictate how deep the fish are wiling to go.

Shallow bass can be found at shaded cover at early mornings and late evenings.

Professional tips

If the spawn areas and depths are unfamiliar to you, fish in the wind as it pushes bait fish toward least amount of effort side of shore.

If you get 3 bites you have found the most successfully lure / casting method.

At unfamiliar waters you must act fast to learn the field. When you have learned enough stick to what works. Before leaving you might want to check if you missed to cover some opportunities.

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