Fishing rod types


There are many tubers who describes how to choose a fishing rod. DEBO’S Fishing explains this in the best way. Here is my summary of his vid. Lure weight determines what power of rod you will cast optimal with.

Lighter line requires lower power rod to absorb the shock.


Rods are divided by two main characteristics power 1 and action 2:

1.a    High power rod gives you more leverage to lift heavy fish.

1.b    Medium power rod for medium sized fish as bass.

1.c   Light power rod is used to fish light lures, finesse fishing.

2.a   Fast action bends at the tip and suits for smaller fish when you want to tactically sense when the fish hits so you can keep the line tight at all times.

2.b   Medium action bends from the middle of the rod and can sling heavier lures further. It also absorbs some of the aggressive shocks from a bites and preserves the line from braking.

2.c   Slow action tips bends all the way to the reel and is used to catapult light lure and light line. (alt. Catfish and carp)

Fishing in heavy vegetation requires more powerful rod.

Long rod is good for  long ranged power fights and hooking the fish to the lure as shorter are better for maneuvering and pinching as accuracy is more important.


  • Graphite is lightweight but fragile for tactile bfs fines fishing
  • Fiber glass can bend tip to the reel.
  • Composite rods mixes these to elements into one.


Metal closer will last as plastic will brake.

Hook loop should be open so you can preserve soft baits without unhooking them.

Short handle for light weight skipping and long rod when you need the support from your armpit.

Line guide should be mid sized as large ones does not do their intended work properly and the small being more benine to brake.


Examples according to lojo. fishing (abu garcia – lewis – shimano -witch one is the best? (rod/reel arsenal)

  • 6,6 medium power rod with fast action tip for lighter fitness, spinning reel 30p braid to fluorocarbon leader, drop shot, finesse worms, wacky rig worms
  • 7 Medium heavy fast action rod  soft plastics, big worms , liples crankbaits, crankbait, spinner baits, chatterbaits. 15-17lb
  • 7,2 Medium heavy power for with fast action tip top water spooks, swimbate, bussbate, 30-50 p braid
  • 7,3 Heavy power rod: 50p braid, frog, heavy jigs
  • 7,6 heavy power rod 65p braid flipping soft plastics in heavy cover

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