PB: learnings 29/12 -19

nimetönOften people criticize themselves too much not paying attention to things heshe does right.

Here some reflections on my last game at Coast to Coast paintball field in Paimio, Finland.

At the very first game I payed attention to my teammates. When I noticed I was all but alone I attempted to catch an aggressive offender taking out my left field player. I got him good thru the wide exposed gap. He was followed by another running close by. This time my balls bounced. He retracted back behind, partial success that as well. Instinctively I knew my right tape line was unattended for too long time and as I expected there was an opponent trying to bunker me. I laid it on him. Usually I have been surprised but little by little I get it to my muscle memory to keep focusing. I laid a ton of paint and apparently they bounced of as well. He retracted. I had now all the time in the world to locate the third layer. I found him in the center behind a spool. Unfortunately he spotted me as well but I had the momentum on my side. I suppressed the H out of him but despite keeping a low profile a ball caught my mask and broke. It could have shifted either way or even been a trade.

I am quite satisfied with the outcome despite loosing a 3 on 1. Playing with rental balls you kind of have to accept what you have got. I am allowed to bring own quality paint with me but I have not had any spare practice ball from tournament play the last year.

At another time I could have been discouraged that an opponent had a lane on me and only played the other side of the bunker. Unchallenged they could take advantageous ground and gain angles on my team. But as I shifted down I painted him in and kept him stationed where he was. We was both locked up and relied our teams to do their magic.

I am not Shure if it was this match or another but as my mirror went I advanced way up. increasing our angles on them and giving or team a chance to push further up or geting in better angles.

My skills has clearly increased:

  1. Increased field awareness
  2. Keeping track of body count and communicate it
  3. Sieging opportunities while keeping the risks minimal, not taking extensive risks
  4. Standing my ground and keeping minimal profile

Not everything is perfect and I do mistakes. One of them I learned a lot from was when my Left front player got played out I rushed up to fill him, as it should be. I ran straight to an ambush as I expected the opponent to be in another range. I saw a shade at the top corner of my eye. I learned to trust to rely on these shady silhouettes and take cover while probing if there really was an opponent or dead player walking off. I had prevailed a duel against his pump before but at much closer range. This time I sprayed all around from a great distance and he could despite the paint rain focus on me and lay his one ball on my forehead. I might redo this mistake a couple of more times but in due time it will stick to my muscle memory as I know how to counter it if it ever happens again.


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