Magic The Gathering


As young 20 year old military man I got to know this card game. May years later my cousin taught me how to play the game. I learned the basics but with each iteration of new releases the specific features became to difficult to comprehend. Now as  olds school noob but adult the online version of the game prevents me from interpreting the features inaccurately. I can now learn the rules as they actually are.

My noob advice to build a normal 60 card deck (not a commander deck):

  • Have 20-25 lands from manna resource: The more different manna types you use the harder it will be to play color specific creatures from the start. Thus it may be beneficial to have multiple manna color land types embedded within. I prefer mix synergies from two color strategies.
  • Have 10 cheap manna creatures. The likelihood for you to getting into playing from the start increases wit low manna costs.
    • The more features one manna creatures has the better. 1/1 creatures can be used as canon fodder and to block monsters without trample.
    • Two manna creatures need to bring fourth serious advantages wit their skills. These can have better attack and/or defenses but must have elements sustaining your initial game and supporting in your late game with synergy effects.
  • Have at least 5 strong monsters. Therese are the end game monsters finalizing your game. These must be fast played into action so you can free manna for instants and sorcery’s or artifacts to secure a prolonged ending.
  • Have 5 instants, buffing up your attacks or defenses, countering attacks or relinquishing defending elements.
  • Have 5 sorcery. Mostly used to block, remove threats (not so familiar with blue sorcery’s as they are still to complex for a noob) Summoning and discarding occurs as well.
  • Have 10 medium monsters who supports your type of strategy (graveyard reviving, magical synergies, X/X synergies, blocking attrition, fast draining wiping or other.
  • The lacking cards may be artifacts or what ever type the brings your play style bonuses.

When you have got the initial deck set you need to test it. How does it do against single color opponents mixed deck opponents and what kind of color combos is it strong against and what kind it is weak against.

When you know your weakness and strengths you can trim the rough and unused cards for more efficient ones. Cards that brings you more benefits for lesser cost.

Even if you prefer one play ”engine”, that style can be beaten with another style. Know thine enemy and flip builds accordingly. This means you need to learn how to battle wit many different setups.

My noob mistake was to fast drain myself out before the game had begun. Sometimes I won but mostly got defeated. However I am a noob and still figuring out what works and what not. The more practice you get the better knowledge or skill you’ll gain.

When you get better you can read your opponent and his style and catch him into easy traps and counter his cards turn after turn. To do this you need extensive knowledge of every card in that game format and have used a synergy combo of them yourself.

Most of us are content of knowing how to drive and don’t need to excel into formula one winners. However if anyone wants to excel you need a plan how to achieve your goals. The faster you learn the better you will excel.

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