Fishing hooks

This article refers to others summaries of hooks mostly for personal use so I can manage to fast recap when purchasing hooks for certain setups in ashop.

Another part will describe how to do lure hacks with hooks sizing.




Below a copy paste reference:

Octopus Hooks
These hooks are designed for live baits, with small hook size and weight is required. The Mosquito hook is a variant of this type. These hooks are best suited to catch fish like Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Perch, Panfish
Octopus HooksLiveBaitprimer_5
Worm Hooks
Worm hooks usually have wide gaps to provide for the large plastic bait and strong penetration point into the fish’s mouth. These hooks are best suited for fish like Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Speckled Trout, Redfish etc.
Worm Hooks


 Aberdeen Hooks
These are live bait hooks made of light wire. The diameter is the hook is small to minimize the damage to the bait and keeping it alive for a longer period of time. It’s a good choice for freshwater live bait fishing. The hook is best suited to catch fish like Panfish, Perch etc.
 Aberdeen Hooks


Circle Hooks
Circular hooks derive their name from the rounded shank and tip. These hooks are designed to reduce the possibility of gut hooking. The circular shape helps to slide the hook up the fish’s throat after a strike until it reaches the tip of its mouth, where it hooks up. These hooks are best suited for Large saltwater Gamefish The Circle hooks come in varieties having long shank option and wide gap option. The choice of the option is made based upon what the angler is more comfortable with and the type of bait to be used.
Circle Hooks


 Jig or Off-set Shank Hooks
These are one of the most common types of hooks in use today. The eye has an offset of 90 degrees from the shank which aligns it with the point to provide a good feel to the angler of the position of the hook. These hooks are suitable for all types of Gamefish.
Jig or Off-set Shank Hooks
Siwash Hooks
These are long shank hooks with inline straight eye. Often used for single-hook baits. They are a good option for replacement of treble hooks. Highly suitable when fishing with hard-baits and/or in an area with limitation to the number of lures per hook. These hooks are good for all types of Gamefish.
Siwash Hooks
Treble Hooks
Treble hooks are triple-gang hooks which provide three points with a single eye. These are commonly used with non-live bait. They are suited for all types of Gamefish.
Treble Hooks


  • J hook
  • Bait hook holds a bait set with added barbs on the hook
  • Siwash open eye
  • Aberdeen long shank for small fish with sharp teeth
  • Circle hooks for bait fishing
  • Octopus hook is good for small bait and strong with its size.
  • King Cale
  • Shiner hooks
  • Treble hooks
  • worm hooks are good for soft plastics
  • Swimbait hooks has screw or led at the eye to keep the bait set
  • Wheedles hooks has wires to protect against weeds but the guard gives way if a bite is engaged.
  • Stink bait or punch bait are intended to be prepared with goy or sticky bait on them.

Choose hook according to a bite size your intended target fish can fit.

The benefits of small hooks are they are difficult to detect and are less affected by current but if a larger fish is hooking it, it might rip away.

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