PB: Best gear in paintball

Here will follow some educated opinion of paintball gear what I’ve used in my time.

The gear I have used lesser of I can  not give educated opinions of.

Tested paintball gear and equipment:

Top Best markers:_DSC1474

  • Tippmann Crosover XVR
    • Pros: it is mechanical, reliable all around marker, has a safetyswitch
    • Cons: poor build quality, on of asa is hard to operate, electronics fry imidiately
  • Empire Ttracer
    • Pros: it is fairly lightweight despite mounting options, has ”full auto” mode, among the most accurate markers I’ve used.
    • Cons: pain in the as to calibrate if protecting the barrel interior from scratches. Botle attathces to hig on the marker. The pump handle screws can disappear in the heat of a battle.
  • Planet Eclipse Geo3
    • Pros: Small and light weight, reliable, fairly accurate
    • Cons: Once macro line leak froze my handle as the air purged empty. Menu system could be easier. The macro line is in the way of efficiently operate pops-Asa.

Top best masksimg_20190405_203315_201904052059492046159251111362445194.jpg

In the picture Binker Kings CMD, no comments on that as it didn’t fit my face and gave me a headache to my lobes.

  • Dye I4
    • Pros: Small and lightweight, good looking, easy to flip lenses.
    • Cons: It doesn’t bother me to get clipped to the chin but for some big faced this might be an issue. Foam is glued rather than replaceable.
  • Virtue Vio XS
    • Pros: small enough, light enoug, fairly good looking, almost easy to change lenses. replaceable foams.
    • Cons, this has got my jaw bone clipped but it doesn’t bother me. despite the safety indicator you are able to reassemble it unsafely.
  • JT Flex 8
    • Pros: full head protection, faily good form fitting. Good as loaner to kids or rentals.
    • It will take you one full day to change a lens, it is one zize fits all and difficult to fine adjust.


As for loaders I have almost no reference but SpireIII I am far to happy with, as they do not jam with reals. In comparison to a Tippmann SSL-200, I prefer the spire as it is so much easier to field strip and clean. For gravi-loaders I prefer the Proto but it has some shake and bake issues despite the shelf preventing ball jams. When playing winter paintball I use Gteck 160R with Proto hopper and when playing against rentals I do pump with spire feed. This to level out the advantages to others. If I am getting mouled by ramping speedballers I might switch up my G-teck with SpireIII


Regulators might interest many. but my main experience is with ninja regulators. I had once a mini ninja reg and broke the gauge. I replaced it with a cheap smart parts gauge. My current is facing the wrong way and I ought to flip it or change into one with adjustable collar regulator. It is difficult to follow the gauge if it faces the wrong way or the fill nipple cuts into your wrists when hugging bunkers. Burst disks have never caused any issues.

Bottles: I’ve used 68ci for most parts. If needed a longer setup a reg extender can be used to adjust it to taller people. 77 and 90 ci carry more air yes, but they become much heavier as well. 68 is a good compromise on weight and volume.

The reason I do carbon SC protective pants is due to their integrated knee pads. I am sensitive for pressure why PE knepads are mainly used when I am carpeting on my knees.

As for pod pack I have found a cheap online mole belt to be the best combined with volcanos pod holders. I tried Carbon SC pod pack but I didn’t need a paint leaking bra (see picture above).

Gear bag is one vanity many paintballers spend on. Of course you support your paintball brand but none of the bags are cost efficiently designed. My choice of gear bag is a hard ware box. It is easy to hose off when dirty and offers you a seat on events as well as a clean tech table in tall grass when woods balling.

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