Complexity of airsoft



I think the reason cheater videos are so popular depends on the complexity of the rules.

First of all different fields exclude specific joules why one needs to purchase a lot of different gear to be allowed to play on the fields. Try to run a 500fps sniper rifle at a CQB tournament or rush to a safe zone with a pistol before a sniper can not engage anymore hit the 500fsp rifle.

Further more pre-fireing and suppression fire is the same thing where the other one is not considered as legit. Some believe there are ”civilians” on a restricted area who can be hurt by pre-fireing. If bystanders get to the field or someone gets hurt then the entire play field is commanded to stop playing!

Blind firing is not allowed but use of grenades is. The same logic apply on blind fire as on grenades! How does one ensure noob on the other side has not taken their goggles of to clean fogging lenses?

Overshooting is not ok but due to plate carriers few realize they are hit why they need the little bit extra to understanding they are in fact dead and call their hits.

Bang bang rule varies from different fields and you need to remember the exact phrase for that specific field before an opponent acknowledges a kill. Furthermore a noob does not know the difference between 3 and 5 meters why don’t expect noobs to know when to do point blank and when not to plus remembering  what to do with specific joule setups.

The games are not realism as it ”milsim” suggests. Even in ancient times armies sent their champions to do the battle for the victory so lives could be spared. Modern warfare is executed with minimal damage witch does not compute with airsofters who wants most bang for the buck. Only ”one squad” was engaged in Binladins capture as even larger staff operated as bird in the sky. Airsofters wont settle to the realism of being spectators. How many would come to the field to watch you tube? Economical blockades and sanctions does not stimulate war games in air soft, such attempts only confuses and makes the rules even more difficult to understand.

Airsofters say they want to grow the sport but the rules are so complex noobs have difficult time to comprehend the rules and stay motivated.


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