Jig-fly tying

In my teens I tried fly tying and now with a family I am trying to tie flies again. I am firmly convinced a lure may not cost more than a buck, why DYI bulk will serve you best. One can be equally efficient wit a one buck fly as with a 60 dollar/euro hard lure.

Soft plastics in bulk can achieve the budget builds. But in this article I will focus on jig flies as they give a more natural and lively presentation.

As noob i tend to aimlessly test different approaches and materials and the result will be god smacked awful.

So i believe the bulk approach will be more efficient if one wants pro exell in skill:

First of do an entire series of similar jigs. The repetition will assist you in finding quarks and tricks how to perfect your art. By singeling flies/jogs you might learn some but forget more. A series will settle in your muscle memory better.

Second start with something easy you can master.

When you master your first flies you can evolve and try other approaches in bulk.

Difficult stumbling stones!

Feathers should be left for advanced skills set.

making wings they will be crooked and of centered.

Making half feather collar will mostly be too long and when trimmed it gets stubby and unnatural. Also the anchoring can twist itself and your collar will get rolled back into the body. But once mastering this technique you will learn the behavior of the raw material and can develop your skills further.

Pros: cheap in bulk, inventive raw materials can be found for free.presentation is more natural than hard lures.

Cons: the art can be difficult to master so start easy and simple at first.


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