Customer is always right?

After doing the deck I realized one has to be a Norwegian lumberjack to screw 500 screws. I Looked in my hardware store if there was a professional toll to operate with. They offered the same function to different prizes.
None of the drills had low resistance blade trigger with better tactile control of the rotation applied.

Why is this?

I understand the industry is regulated by safety standardization but what standard enforces a working man to brake his joints operating the same moment over and over again for 8 hours straight? I see it is possible for anyone to repeat the process about 20 times with ease but do it for 2 hours straight is not possible. Repetitive moments are often industrialized but decks are custom made not possible to multiply with industrial automation as each and every deck are unique. Why is the working man kept on constant sick leave? Are power tool companies deliberately making people sick?!?

Customer is always right? No, not until we users/customers realize things could be better and demand for innovations.


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