Advance in paintball skill

11.4 at Coast to Coast paintball in the age of Corona playing the safest game on earth where players avoid contact with each other tagging out others from a distance.

At my first game this day I was shot right out of brake as I was risking it and overextending too far up the field. A signal for me to slow down. ”keep calm and play on”. You are more valuable in late game than probing for early game opportunities.

However I made a lot of things significantly right as well.

I could hold tight formation and make opponent waist paint on me. One time opponent had only two balls left and another time another player had only 10 balls in rotor why he overextended burning in flames.

I have learned my lessons of the current layout and gave more respect to a pile of tires as a treat thus surviving.

I also learned when being rushed at ”the office” there is a newbuild low crouching wall build. At last games I attempted to pick out a highway runner shooting at that wall. This time I wouldn’t make the same mistake. I shot above it and continued to fire as the runner came out from its cover. He landed in a poodle but managed to take me out, it was a trade. I kept my teammate safe with this trade. Unfortunately the effort was in vain as he was shot out by another player.

I am not sure if needing to feel bad about a headshot. But if the scalp is only thing you offer for me to shoot at where else am I going to make the drop on? The thing I am feeling a bit remorseful is the second shot. Do I allow the player to continue advance on a bounce or will I secure he will go of the field? He reacted a bit slow so I laid another on him. Far to often have I given distant players a chance to play on. This was not one of them. If he had surrendered faster the second ball would not be fired. Butt a head knock will render anyone disoriented for a second, but I am not sorry for being safe than sorry. Don’t play paintball I you don’t want to play. At least I am gentleman enough not to unnecessarily salt him full auto until he surrenders. Surprisingly enough the balls was mint until the last game where they started to stray of where ever.

Only way for someone to get salt from me is to bunker me and continue firing as we trade. I will give such player one brake to one/double ball me. But that is his only brake. I will copy that players play style if challenged. If he becomes more humble I can give him a brake as well. Personals feelings don’t belong at the field as same rules apply on everyone. As I am getting shot so will the opponent be shot, this is a mutual fact and not a emotion. There is no debate about it!

At another 3v3 game, left side dropped and the opponent knew of our positions. You will die if you give out your information for free. I was behind a cottage and the opponent could shoot at me from both sides. I decided to risk a fall back to disorient the opponents. My center guy almost shot me as I did it in stealth. But the gamble paid of as a tape runner attempted to bunker me out from the cottage and as he was shooting at shadows. As he was spinning he got blasted with one ball in the chest the second he entered my sight of line at point blank. Should I have surrendered him, H no! This is paintball! His intent was to play me out so I wouldn’t give him a second chance at it. He didn’t contest my one ball and surrendered his life to it. He could have double spinned on me to trade but as he didn’t raise barrel at me I could let him walk of in peace.

Oodaloop on this: I acted first!

Oserve – I noticed the possible angles on me.

Orient – I need to shift the angles

Decide – I calculated the risk

Act – I retreated

Oserve – No one contested this, stealth preserved.

Orient – Opponent is running loudly down the tapeline

Decide – Holding minimal profile and aiming ready to fire

Act – Shoot.

So overall Even if I feel as if I am a bad player despite playing competitively the first year and then recreationally the last 6 years, I have acquired quite some skill over time. Against rentals I suck as I risk it with pump gun much more, but doin these risks I learn how the field is played. When tourney players enter I can slow down and play safer wit an e-gun. I am not yet a front player who knows when to risk and at what angles but I am a descent mid and back player able to fill where ever needed.


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