Salary expectations

When asked what is your salary expectations one should ballpark it in realistic realms. You should do your research and find the most probable compensation level you can think of for the position.

  • At the end of the day compensation is only money why 10% difference does not mater as long as you feel as if you are compensated sufficiently for the job you are about to encounter.
  • Overcompensated the expectations of your performance will get you fired or the company will go bankrupted due to poor management.
  • Under compensated and you will find an employer who appreciates your skills better.

Unless you are windmill climbing repairman you must compete with your salary expectation. If proven stress tolerance record you can demand almost any sum for aviation control room manager. These are a few high pay positions witch only requires its unique skillet, but if applying to mainstream jobs you are in competition with multiple different skillets. To satisfy the same goal and your skill set needs to be sold in the best possible way to gain access to final salary negotiations.

When you find a desired level of compensation for the position there are few strategies. To survive to next round selection you may give an approximate range of salary expectation. However if advancing you will be stuck with this figure until learning more of actual responsibilities you would be responsible off and you can not alter the figures any more. This is why it is important for you to manipulate your reveal to the very last possible moment. Attempt to have your counterpart reveal their number first so you are more free to react. Are you quitting the interview, accepting on the spot or do you feel there is room for negotiation.

When finding a prize point you are comfortable with to proceed starts the arm wrestling. Are you still in competition or have you highlighted your excellence enough to gain leverage in final recruitment.

Recruiters say far to often the salary level is accepted as is and yet there is room for play in negotiations. In order to gain true leverage you must correctly estimate where the pain threshold to restart the recruitment process commences or chance the second runner will still be available when pushing for +10% more in your salary negotiations.

I myself would settle for +/- but negotiate benefits in the form of additional vacation days, health care benefits or other intangibles not visible in immediate recruiting cost structure. Everyone experiences a win win situation.


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