Customer is always right?

There is a myth stating the customer is always right. It is not so!

Many pet stores sell an aquarium sieve as litter box spade. Often the grid size may be well sized but the material to thin or weak to pick up anything. Other times as showcased below. The material is rigid and the grid size small.

An injection mold costs roughly 30k (50% discount for good customers) and serviced after 200 000 pieces with a total life span of three-six million pieces. How can a manufacturer produce tree million pieces of non functional products?

Below a DYI re engineering of a broken design to be somewhat functional.

  • First picture shows how the litter box sand just stays in the spade.
  • Next one shows the grid pattern.
  • Third picture shows how i reworked it.
  • Fourth picture it as cleaned.
  • And fifth picture in full operation.

So do you think the customer is right or is the power in the hands of manufacturers or supermarket purchasers?


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