This is my Paintball page where I Collect thoughts and experiences of own games in Paintball

Own battles:





  • Finish winter paintball

FWPb_1 #The genital moove #Superman slide in deep snow #TDM1/2 #TDM 2/2

  • Rouge nations paintball

sdr #Game 1 #Game 2 #Game 3 #Game 4

  • Misc scenario games:


#Pistol games #Own games

taekwon ball #The Game

  • Long winter is here


#1/3 – 1on1 Rentals #2/3 – 1 on 1 PUMP #3/3 – Team Death Match




Paintball TICTACS (tactics):

Paintball Blogs:


Tested Markers and Equipment:

Markers Masks Loaders Clothing Misc
Valken Cobra Dye I4 Tippmann


Carbon SC protective pants BT-harness & Vulcano 2+3 molle pod pack
Tippmann Bravo One Virtue Vio Contour Halo B  PE


NXE Pod Pack
Tippmann Crosover XVR Virtue Vio XS Spire 260 PE


Valken podpack
Smart Parts Vibe JT ProFlex SpireIII Paintball Boots Carbon SC pod pack
Planet Eclipse Etha JT Flex 8   PE

Knee pads

Paintball gear bag
Planet Eclipse Geo3 JT Invader   Slye Elbow Pads Exalt

Loader case 

Empire Ttracer Bunker King


   Empire Gloves  
Planet Eclipse Gteck 160R     Invert Gloves  

Paintball paint: 2016 comparison, Bore size vs paint, paint tolerance quality, All time data collection.

Collected comparison between used paintball masks

Lense colour comparison

Clothes size by manufacturer

My Paintball gear:

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